Body WOF

What is a body WOF?
It’s like a regular tune-up for your body: designed to help you avoid structural breakdowns, rather than wait for things to go wrong.

Who needs to consider it?
Consider a WOF if you are an athlete maintaining optimum performance, or if the cause of your problem cannot be completely removed: for example, if your job involves lots of lifting or bending, or if you have an anatomical problem like scoliosis or a short leg.

What does it involve?
We check for a build-up of stiffness or weakness in your muscles and joints, and resolve them before they lead to a breakdown. We do this with massage, mobilization, manipulation, and exercise.

What are the benefits?
Less pain, less time off work, less wear and tear, and a body that keeps running smoothly.

How is a WOF different to normal treatment?
Normal treatment is focused on pain relief and injury recovery. A body WOF is focused on keeping you in optimal condition.

How frequently should I have one?
Usually, a 30 minute session every 3 months is enough, but this interval may be longer or shorter, depending on your lifestyle and your body’s ability to maintain corrections.

Who doesn’t need a body WOF?
Children, teenagers, and people with a first time injury, where the cause is unlikely to reoccur, do not need a WOF.

Will it mean I never get problems?
No, it can’t protect you from injury any more than a dental check-up protects you from getting your teeth knocked out. But it does reduce the chance of breakdown and it speeds up recovery after accidents.

How will I know it’s working?
You’ll know it’s working when you get fewer problems. You’ll also notice yourself becoming more flexible, and being able to work harder without your body complaining.

In conclusion
The idea is to prevent problems, not treat them: consequently you’ll suffer less, and enjoy life more.

Isn’t that better than waiting for things to go wrong?