We Are Moving

From Tuesday June 6 we will be at a new address and under a new name.

We will be operating under the name In Tune and you can find us at:

Counties Care Medical Centre
6/18 O’Shannessey St


There are three main approaches to osteopathy; structural, visceral, and cranial.

Structural osteopathy

Structural osteopaths analyze problems in muscles, joints and nerves, then correct them using techniques like massage, stretching, mobilization, manipulation, and exercise.

These techniques loosen tight muscles, free restricted joints, and strengthen weakened structures. This helps to reduce pain, stimulate healing and prevent reoccurrence.

The structural approach can also include osteopathic manipulation (or clicking), which suits those who prefer a firm treatment.

Video on structural osteopathy, courtesy of ntpagesTV.

Cranial osteopathy

Cranial osteopaths feel for subtle restrictions in the cranial-sacro mechanism, then adjust them using a range of extremely gentle techniques.

These techniques are designed to restore flow and balance to the body which stimulates a return to normal healthy function.

This approach suits babies, children and those who like the gentle approach. Cranial treatment does not usually involve clicking or cracking.

Video on cranial osteopathy, courtesy of Tony Bryant DO

Visceral osteopathy

Visceral osteopaths feel for changes in the organs of the body, then adjust them using a range of gentle techniques (similar to those used in cranial treatment). They also treat areas of the spine that relate to nerves which supply the organs.

Video on visceral osteopathy, courtesy of sports and spinal group

All three approaches can help your body heal effectivly and recover naturally. If you prefer a particular type of treatment, be sure to tell us when you book: then we can ensure you see the appropriate practitioner.