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  1. We are really keen to have your feedback on our website

  2. Theresa Broadley says:

    I’ve only spoken with the lovely lady who answered the phone and already feel very comfortable and confident with our appointment coming up. What wonderful service and we haven’t even set foot in the door yet 🙂

  3. carol cole says:

    I have been coming to the clinic for 3 weeks now, and as Teresa has said the lady that answered the ph is a charm and makes you feel very relaxed, that is his wife. We chat each time I go in. My last visit she was holding the 6 week old baby while mummy was having her treatment.She was quite at home sitting in the waiting room seats in the sun with bubs snuggled in.
    Mike the osteopath,his professional and caring attitude has given me assurance that I have come to the right place.
    It is such a rarity to have caring professionals giving you the service you pay for and the homeliness we all love.
    Thank you all.
    Carol Cole

  4. Tania says:

    I have been dealing with a prolapsed disk issue unfortunately for me this was in the new year (January) when all specialist’s are on leave until Feb. The worst part of this extreme pain and no CT scan I am sent off to see a physio who doesn’t have a clue what they are dealing with. I have a very high pain threshold but somehow I figure this is quite uncomfortable. I also have the joy’s of relocating myself at the same time and my long-time osteo has decided to move to Thames, so now I’m worried as to whom is going to help me recover… I put the thought off until I experience a migraine and needed some attention. I try my local Osteopath (Papakura) but I didn’t expect them to take me on the day (short Notice) I try someone in Howick but won’t visit that person again, and would never recommend him to anybody. I experience Two Hydrocortisone injections and the second not so successful 😦 I get the opportunity to meet Mike who helps me strengthen up my muscles with some light exercises, who goes more into detail of my condition and also helps align the rest of my body just like my old Osteo.. The scary part of moving to a new area is finding local support especially if you have been using practitioners for a long time and change can be a difficult task.. From the time I spoke to Chris regarding my injury and all the support this clinic offers I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else..
    I thank-you Chris & Mike for taking care of my needs when I needed some great advice, and yes you have now become my preferred Osteo and I’m very lucky I am a local lol 🙂

    I highly recommend Papakura Osteo to all my clients, family and friends.

    Tania Anderson
    USL Sport Medical

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have been going to Papakura Osteopaths for many years, also my husband and son have been treated with great success. I recently saw Ann for the first time and was very happy with the way she treated. i have and would reccomend this practice to all i know. thanks again, Lesley Coman

  6. lesley coman says:

    I have been going to Papakura Osteopaths for many years as Have my husband and son with great success. I recently saw Ann who treated me for the first time, again at short notice and with a friendly professional welcome from the receptionist. I have and will always be happy to reccomend to all i know, thanks again, Lesley Coman.

  7. Shannon says:

    Papakura Osteopath are a fantastic bunch!
    As said above from that 1st phone call to being treated the whole team are very friendly & professional.

    Never again will I ever waste time seeing a physio. Had instant pain relief after seeing Nicole and given advise that has helped me stay injury free.

    Recommend to everyone without a doubt.

    Shannon Gallagher
    Gym Manager & Personal Trainer

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