Our approach

To treatment

  • We take your case history and examine you to diagnose your problem, then we explain your treatment options, and finally we ask for your consent to go ahead.
  • During treatment, we explain what we are doing, and we check if you are comfortable with the techniques we are using.
  • Of course, we treat the bits that hurt, but we also analyze your body as a whole and treat any parts that contribute to the problem.

To partnership

  • We believe you share responsibility for your well-being, so our treatment plans often include self-help, education, and exercise.

To recovery

  • We cannot guarantee to fix your problem: no one can. However, we can guarantee you our best attention.
  • Where possible, we help you understand your problem, what caused it, and how you might avoid it in the future.
  • We will be honest with you: if we think you don’t need treatment, or believe you should see someone else: we will say so.
  • We will not sign you up for unnecessary treatment or sell you a block of treatment in advance.